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Why the Rebrand to DEAN Adventure CampS?

Why the Rebrand to DEAN Adventure CampS?

We’re excited to share with you the name that will carry us into the future: DEAN Adventure Camps


From humble beginnings at a kitchen table to the thrill of the great outdoors, The Handwork Studio and Velocity Adventure Camp have stitched together a legacy of learn by making, learn by doing and learn by playing. 

As they evolved, the two camps have now joined forces, taking on a new identity: DEAN Adventure Camps. This change isn't just about a new name—it's about merging the warmth of handcrafting with the zest of active play into a singular, expansive adventure for every child.

DEAN stands as a beacon for discovery, exploration, achievement, and navigating the joyous journey of childhood through a broader, more diverse range of activities and experiences.

A Stitch in Time: The Legacy of The Handwork Studio

Back in 2001, The Handwork Studio sprouted up from a simple seed — the love of a mom named Laura Kelly, watching her kids get a kick out of threading needles and pulling stitches. Laura's kitchen table, where it all began, quickly became a buzzing hub where little fingers learned to sew and knit, and big imaginations started to grow.


That was just the beginning. Laura saw her kids thrive and thought, why stop at sewing and knitting? Before long, the Studio was diving into all sorts of cool, hands-on activities. Kids began to add screwdrivers in with their sewing kits and knitting needles, adding in wood planks and robotics circuits with yarn. 

The vibe at The Handwork Studio was all about having a blast while making something awesome. From Laura's kitchen table, the camp spread its wings across five states. It became the go-to spot for kids who wanted to have fun and make things with their hands — from a castle they created to a robot that could actually move.

Every craft, every design, every little thing the kids built was more than just a project; it was a piece of the fun, creative world The Handwork Studio built, piece by piece. It was all about making magic with your hands and having a good laugh along the way.

The Velocity of Change: The Birth of a New Adventure

In 2023, John Kelly, Laura Kelly’s husband, rolled up his sleeves to create a camp unlike any other. Velocity Adventure Camp emerged from his innovative spirit, turning the idea of childhood play into a dynamic "Learn By Doing" adventure. With over five decades of combined expertise under their belt, they set off to create space for kids to get outside and explore. 


Velocity Adventure Camp, a place where outdoor sports were more than just pastimes—they were gateways to life's big lessons. This wasn't your run-of-the-mill summer camp. It was a place where confidence was built in leaps and bounds, new skills were part of the daily routine, and the joy of movement was contagious.

The mission was clear: get kids out into the fresh air, challenging them to climb higher, ride faster, and jump further. At Velocity Adventure Camp, the great outdoors became a classroom without walls, and every activity was an opportunity for kids to tap into their potential and, quite literally, reach for the skies. The camp was not just a place to play—it was where adventure and learning went hand in hand, and every day was a chance to discover something amazing.

The Horizon Expands: Introducing DEAN Adventure Camp

learn by doingNow, the journey that started at a humble kitchen table takes a leap into an exhilarating future with DEAN Adventure Camps. DEAN isn't just a name; it's our manifesto - Discover, Explore, Achieve & Navigate. We carry forward the spirit of both The Handwork Studio and Velocity Adventure Camp, fusing the magic of making with the adrenaline of doing. It's about expanding our reach, breaking the bounds of programming, and creating "Aha" moments that every child deserves to experience.

What DEAN Adventure Camp Stands For

Continuity in Core Values: At DEAN, our DNA remains unchanged. The commitment to experiential learning, the nurturing of children's inquisitive nature, and the celebration of their accomplishments remain our unwavering promise.

An Expansive Array of Activities: We’re not just adding more options; we’re redefining the camp experience. From woodworking to skateboarding, DEAN Adventure Camps is about giving kids the canvas to paint their adventures, be it through sawdust or soil.

Inclusive and Adaptive Experiences: Longer days mean more stories, friendships, and memories. DEAN is committed to inclusivity, where every child finds their place, their passion, and their pace.

Looking Ahead: The DEAN Adventure Camps Experience

We are on the precipice of something grand. DEAN Adventure Camps is more than a summer day camp; it's a promise to our families—a single, vibrant destination for your child to leap into the unknown, to build, to craft, to run, to play. It's a place where the curious 4-year-old and the adventurous 10-year-old will both find their paths to joy and discovery.

A Message From the Heart

To our dear families and friends, the rebranding to DEAN Adventure Camps is more than a new name. It's a reflection of our journey, a commitment to our mission, and an invitation to join us in this new chapter. As we unveil the new face of our camps, we carry with us the spirit of every child who has ever made a muffin with ground millet at our tables or caught their first wave of air on a skateboard ramp. We are not leaving behind the love and wonderment; we are bringing it with us, infused with more energy and excitement than ever before.


As DEAN Adventure Camps, we stand at the threshold of a new era. Together, let's Discover new possibilities, Explore new horizons, Achieve new milestones, and Navigate the wondrous journey of growth and learning. The future beckons with a promise of adventure, and we invite you to be a part of it. Let the adventure begin!

Thank you for being part of our story. You are valued. You are DEAN Adventure Camps.

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