Formerly the Handwork Studio & Velocity Adventure Camp

What's the Rebrand Story?

We've blended the best of our 20 years at The Handwork Studio and Velocity Adventure Camp, plus the fun of Playful Explorers, to ramp up the adventure for campers from Pre-K to teens up to 15. Our mission? To inject even more excitement into each day, encouraging kids to embrace the 'Just Try It' spirit, share endless laughs, and create unforgettable memories. With innovative programs, all-inclusive experiences, and a plethora of thrilling activities, we're set to spark those jaw-dropping "A-HA" moments through playful learning and hands-on experiences. Get ready for an epic journey with us - it's going to be epic!

And remember, at many of our locations, we're still proudly wearing our original names – The Handwork Studio, Velocity Adventure Camp, and Playful Explorers.




A message from our Co-Owners, John and Laura Kelly, about the exciting evolution of DEAN Adventure Camps.




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